Once rappers become serious with their craft, friends can switch up on them and flake on support behind closed doors. And although we've been covering Mir Fontane just this year, he's having second thoughts on some of the people he's called fans in his new video for "Frank Ocean."

When Mir originally released the song two weeks ago on his SoundCloud, it was unclear who the song was directed at. The power of the song drew from this ambiguity since Mir could use it to speak to close friends, new friends, family members and more. In this new video directed by Taj Francois and Eric Cortes, the video has Mir rapping to a girl up in her room as if he were spilling his guts about his love for her. She could be a metaphor for a previous girlfriend who pledged her support half-heartedly or all of his fake friends from the past.

Intermittently, a group of other people surround Mir, signifying that he could also be speaking to his friends. When Mir raps about so-called day ones—"Claim you been a fan since I got beats from Soundclick"—the video cuts to footage of Mir in 2009 before the braids. Once a rapper's career takes off, fans often argue over who was first to discover the artist and when the moment of "making it" truly was.

The production from Kenif Muse could have sent the video in a turn up direction for the video but the co-directors decided to stick to the original theme of the song in a wise choice.

Mir Fontane has already released other tracks this year, including "Before the Locs," "Still in the Hood" and "WYD?" You can expect his next EP Camden on June 23.

You can peep the video for "Frank Ocean" below.

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