Mike Jones is putting the rumors he's a human trafficker to rest.

In today's day and age, any and everyone is in danger of winding up on the wrong side of an Internet hoax. Over the past year, Mike Jones has been trying to dispel a terrible rumor that he is a human trafficker and finally ended the speculation for good. In March 2015, a fake TMZ site posted a bogus report that Jones was arrested by San Antonio police on human trafficking charges following a four-month investigation. The report claimed that Jones forced his victims to work as prostitutes from hotels while he collected the earnings. The site went as far as posting a fake police report and quoting a non-existent San Antonio cop.

The story gained enough traction and was shared enough on social media that the "Still Tippin" rapper had to reach out to the San Antonio Special Victims Unit to clear his name.

"It was reported on several internet sites that the San Antonio Police Department was involved in conducting an investigation during the end of CY (calendar year) 2014 and as a result has filed charges against Michael Jones for the criminal offense of human trafficking," wrote San Antonio Police Department's Sargent Bill Grayson in an e-mail to Jones and his lawyer. "The San Antonio Police Department has not filed any such charges against nor have we been involved in an investigation regarding human trafficking or sexual assault as mentioned in the news articles against Michael Jones. Additionally, the San Antonio Police Department does not have anyone named Jonas Dresden employed with our department."

The rapper will appear on a local news channel (per his Instagram, he is negotiating with different news outlets) to discuss the rumors on Feb. 3. He'll also discuss his new mixtape Reloaded and his Money Train movement.

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