Disney is working on a remake of the 1994 animated classic, The Lion King and the Migos want in. Specifically, Quavo is pushing for the group to get the roles of the three hyenas, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed.

Earlier today (Nov. 5), Quavo made the proposition on Twitter. After posting a recently released picture of the full cast that has been making its rounds on the internet, Huncho followed up with the tweet, "3 Hyenas Lions King 🙌🏾 call us 📱 @Disney."

According to the press release, only one of the hyena voice actors has been selected as Florence Kasumba will voice Shenzi. She replaces Whoopi Goldberg who played Shenzi in the original version. But let's just be real, having the Migos play those roles would be the littest thing ever. "Do it look like Mufasa kicked us out the Pride Lands??" Ha!

As previously reported, Childish Gambino has landed the starring role of Simba. Maybe he can put in the good word for his fellow ATLiens.

The Migos, who are on the cover of XXL's 20th anniversary issue, are working on their own film, with Quavo writing the script. It doesn't sound like it will be anything like The Lion King.

"I'm a '90s baby and all my favorite movies got all my dope artists in 'em," said Quavo Scorsese in a recent sit down, before listing films the group is inspired by. "Juice, Menace II Society, all the Snoop Dogg movies, Master P movies, I Got the Hook-Up, Baller Blockin,' the Big Tymers movie. That's what we're doing right now. We're looking into the script."

Check out Quavo's tweets about the Lion King movie below.

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