The Migos' run-ins with the law are starting to add up with the most recent case coming due to no fault of their own as Offset was recently arrested by mistake in Georgia. The pressure from 12 is taking a toll on the rap crew as they say authorities are making it hard for them to function because of their perceived criminal aura.

Migos member Quavo was recently spotted at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday (March 25) by TMZ and asked to give an assessment of their problems with police, namely Offset's recent bogus arrest. "[Offset] was only in there for 30 minute to an hour so I'm pretty sure he don't want that time back no way," Quavo said when asked if Offset would want time served for the department screw up. "They always messing with us, they don't give us room to breath. Y'all see it y'all self," he added.

The de facto group leader also said police attempted to shut down a recent show they had in Florida. "Yeah, we had a article in the newspaper about we had a show in Panama City and they tried to shut it down," he said. "I guess because of the history or what we do, but our shows are shows. We selling them out. They can't stop it."

Finally, Qua had a message for the hating authorities out there. "We just here to do our job. I know you see this ice," he said showing of a blinged-out timepiece. [We] got your daughter and sh-t dabbing. Got your mama and sister dabbing. Just leave us alone."

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