The debate on who is the greatest rapper of all time will live on until the end of days. With many things that can factor into a person's answer including age, what region they live in and so on, there will more than likely never be a universal pick, which always makes it fun to deliberate who the crown holder should be.

Migos and Lil Yachty recently came together for a sit down with NME, and among other topics, got the debate popping over who is the nicest MC.

“For me, personally I could give it to [André 3000], man. Because I like him that much as a rapper,” Offset revealed as hit G.O.A.T.

Takeoff went with a new school rapper selection. “Since you said 3K...Kendrick Lamar,” he offered.

Quavo went with a popular pick crowing Jay Z as the man on top to the totem pole. “I kind of respected the fact that my mans Jay Z is the greatest rapper right now, bro,” said Quavo. “Straight up. You can’t mess with Jay when it’s time to come play. On some real shit, it took me a couple years to grow and understand that Jay is the guy.”

Boat agreed with Takeoff with the selection of Kung Fu Kenny adding, “I ain’t gonna lie, though, I’m giving it to Kendrick, man."

See the full interview below.

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