Method Man has revealed this week that Redman won't be reprising his role in the third season of Power Book II: Ghost because Red won't get vaccinated against Covid-19.

On Monday (June 13), the hosts of The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God, sat down with Method Man to talk about the "Grand Finale" rapper's time on Power Book II: Ghost, hip-hop's ascension, his health and the greatest rap crew of all time, which you can see in the video below.

One primary topic, however, focused on Redman's absence from the Starzseries.

Method Man Explains Why Redman Hasn't Returned To Power Book II: Ghost

When Charlamagne Tha God asked Method Man at the 27:52-mark in The Breakfast Clubinterview below, about Redman's replacement in Power Book II: Ghost, the "Y.O.U" rapper revealed that Redman allegedly refused to get the COVID-19 vaccination. However, the Wu-Tang Clan member admitted this information was heard through the grapevine and neither confirmed or denied.

"You really wanna know why? He wouldn't get the jab," Meth said to Charlamagne Tha God. "At least that's what I heard. Did I talk to Redman about it, No? … S**t like that don't even need to be said. He's not the first or the last person that'll probably happen to."

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Who Did Redman Play on Power Book II: Ghost?

Redman played a character named Theo Rollins in Power Book II: Ghost. Rollins is the brother of Method Man's character, Davis MacLean. In the series, Theo Rollins goes to jail for taking the blame for Davis' crime. By the third season, Starz replaced Redman with actor Jordan Mahone.

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Watch Method Man Explain Why Redman Didn't Return to Power Book II: Ghost at the 27:52-Mark Below

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