On the 2019 XXL Freshman cover, the ladies are surely making their presence felt, a reflection of the direction hip-hop has been going in these last few years. Megan Thee Stallion, one of the three women featured this year, has worked very hard to advance her career, from writing raps as a teen with her mother, to her new reality of magazine covers and national tours. Fully embracing the moment, Megan truly turned up for her Freshman freestyle, a staple of being an XXL Freshman.

Of course, Megan never forgets where she came from, letting that hometown pride shine through. "They done fucked and let Houston Texas get up in here/They sayin' I'm a Freshman, but I spit like I been here," she brags.

She keeps the bars coming: "I had to wipe a couple of bitches out to make it clear/I'm the teacher not your muthafuckin' peer/Don't compare me to no hoe or try and tell me who I am/If you were so fuckin' smart, you'd be standing where I stand."

Later on in the freestyle, she explains why she ignores any hate and also gives a shout-out to her late mother, who was instrumental in her introduction to hip-hop. "So I don't never give a fuck when they be talkin' 'bout the dumb shit/Even in your best night, ’cause bitch you know I run shit/Going show to show, niggas thought I was on tour/Mama really raised a hustler, ain't no option to be poor," she delivers.

Check out the rest of Meg's freestyle in the video at the top of the post. Stay tuned for more Freshman content, too.

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