Mega Ran, like many MCs, has been influenced by The Notorious B.I.G. With the 20th anniversary of Biggie's death recently passing, the Philadelphia native wanted to pay his respects by releasing a tribute album. The result is Notorious R​.​A​.​N: Ready To Live, a project that reinterprets B.I.G.'s classics through the lens of Mega Ran.

One of the finest examples is Mega Ran's "Lyrically," a song that features producer Fresh Kils putting a new spin on Biggie's "One More Chance." Mega Ran also dropped a music video for the track, which sees Mega Ran paying homage to the late great Notorious B.I.G. with some incredible rhymes

"When it comes to sets, never claimed 'em/Only flamed 'em/Gave them nothing but the rawness, regardless/The artist formerly known as Random/Burning mics like they was trees from Branson/And not Richie, shifty, quickly/Brothers wanna hit me if they rip me/Dress my body and wrap me like a Swami/I leave no doubt like Stefani/Lyrical Dalai Lama/Problem Solver, I fly to Ghana/Calm ya nerves, kicking wackness to the curb /I don’t hold grudges, I give you what you deserve," Mega Ran raps.

Mega Ran's Biggie tribute album is available as a free download through Bandcamp. Check out the tracklist and stream below as well as the music video for "Lyrically."

Mega Ran's Notorious R​.​A​.​N: Ready To Live Tracklist

1. "November '94 (Skit)"
2. "Lyrically I'm..." (prod by Fresh Kils)
3. "The Club Jawn" (prod by Fresh Kils)
4. "Kickin' In Doors" (prod by DJ DN3)
5. "Suspect Lines (Skit)"
6. "The Warning" Feat. RoQy TyRaiD (prod by DJ DN3)
7. "'94 Again" Feat. Phill Harmonix (prod by Fresh Kils)"
8. "Everyday" Feat. Penny The Great and Jermiside (prod by DJ DN3)
9. "Got A Story To Tell" (prod by Fresh Kils)
10. "Thoughts From Dave (Skit)"
11. "Biggie" (scratch interlude by DJ Reflekshin)

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