When Jay-Z dropped his 25-minute footage of behind-the-scenes footage from his recent concerts at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, one of the scenes that got everyone talking was his conversation with an older woman on the train. She didn't recognize him, but saw tons of people streamlining onto the subway car and knew something was up. Once Hov told her who he was, she said she actually knew who he was. Now, she's reflecting on that experience.

“He was so nice,” the woman, Ellen Grossman, told the NY Daily News. “I felt this amazing energy. We didn’t talk about anything terribly profound. But just the feeling! I thought, ‘This is wonderful!’”

She expanded on those feelings with Tablet. "It was a fairly sparsely populated subway car and I was alone on three seats," she said. "There was a surge of people at Canal Street and my son was in the World Trade Center disaster…but he survived, it’s alright, but we didn’t know that for several hours so that’s kind of present in our consciousness. So, at first, I thought ‘Oh God, something terrible has happened up on the street.’ But everyone was laughing and smiling so I thought, ‘What a relief!’ And I thought perhaps it was a flash mob."

However, she soon realized that it wasn't, and ended up having a nice chat with one of the biggest music stars on the planet.

“Jay-Z sat down next to me and I did not recognize him, but everyone was taking his picture," she continued. "But I thought, because I didn’t recognize him, that it still could have been a flash mob. I know people do fake celebrity stuff. So I said what was on the video ‘Are you famous?’ and he said ‘Yes’ and I believed him. I asked what his name was and he said ‘Jay’ and I didn’t catch that it was Jay-Z and after we were talking for a while I thought ‘He’s pretty famous,’ I noticed his security people and we were in a little bubble because they were around us and then I asked ‘What’s your name again?’ and he said ‘Jay-Z.’ We had a really great conversation, it felt really genuine.”

Watch the clip below.

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