Meek Mill is gearing up to come back hard into the music scene, and his new album is just about ready to hit the streets. The Philadelphia native confirmed that his album is finished during an interview with Real 92.3.

During the conversation at the BET Awards weekend in Los Angeles, the "Whatever You Need" rapper spoke on his album deadline, and confirmed that the name of the project is Wins and Losses, which Rick Ross teased a couple months back.

"Yeah, I got an album coming. I haven't released the date yet, but it's called Wins and Losses. You know if it's called Wins & Losses, we got a lot to talk about," Meek shares with the host. "Yea, it's done. I turn it in tomorrow. Like, it's final deadline or it's no album from Meek Mill. It's turned in, it's done. All we doing is mixing and mastering it. It sound spectacular."

Meek also got candid about a slew of other topics during the interview, including Ross' line, "I told Meek I wouldn't trust Nicki," on the MMG head's "Apple of My Eye" track, which is featured on his Rather You Than Me album.

"Yeah, Ross be talking that talk. He taught me a lot of stuff, man. Rozay will tell you don't trust everybody. If Rozay don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you," Meek explains.

As far as the advice he would give to his 12-year-old self, Meek says that he would tell him to believe in himself.

"Stick to what you do, and make sure you believe in yourself. Because I always believed I would be here at this point," Meek states. "I used to be in jail, as a young kid looking at magazines like I'm supposed to be on the front of that magazine. I think that was my biggest attribute through like believing in myself. It helped me keep a drive and keep going because if you don't believe in yourself, you won't give it everything."

Meek also later compares himself to LeBron James when it comes to taking losses, and how that doesn't define how he sees himself as a winner.

"I'm like a LeBron. I'm like a Mayweather," he elaborates. "Seriously. Like a LeBron, you see him, he was always in a group of people that are like, 'He's going to lose the chip!' I'm like, how do you think he's going to lose the chip when he been winning the last four and he been in the chip eight times? Like, why do you think he gonna lose? Mayweather won 50 fights, Even if he lost one fight, why would you think that Mayweather would stay down?"

At the end of the conversation, Meek not only mentions his upcoming Against All Odds Tour with Yo Gotti coming this summer, but he also says that he has a Dreamchasers mixtape coming soon.

"We got a mixtape coming too. It's called...I can't give out the name, but we coming out with a Dreamchasers mixtape next. It's time to focus on the team too," Meek announces.

Check out the full interview with Meek Mill and Real 92.3 below.

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