The wheels of justice continue to turn in Meek Mill's legal case. Although the rapper's plea to be let out on bail was denied earlier this week by a judge, it's been revealed today (April 5) that his request has now moved on to the Supreme Court in a move that is supported by this Philadelphia District Attorney.

Essentially, this means that Meek's legal team is attempting to go over the head of Judge Genece Brinkley and get the Supreme Court to allow the Wins and Losses artist out on bail pending his current legal proceedings.

On April 3, Judge Brinkley denied Meek Mill's Post-Conviction Relief Act petition, which would have let him out of jail. His legal team filed the PCRA after it was revealed that Meek's arresting officer Reginald Graham was on a list of corrupt police officers known to the Philadelphia District Attorney himself.

If you remember, Meek's team has previously accused Judge Brinkley of having a personal vendetta against the artist and hitting him with the four-year prison sentence for violating his probation in retribution for refusing her alleged bribe. They also filed a motion to have her removed from the case on the basis of those claims.

Judge Brinkley has repeatedly denied these accusations and her own legal team has said they plan to sue Meek's for accusing her of misbehavior.

Now the Philly DA, Lawrence Krasner, has said that he doesn't oppose Meek Mill's filing to the Supreme Court for bail pending the legal proceedings.

Meek's lawyer Joe Tacopina told XXL, “We are encouraged by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s steadfast stance in not opposing Meek Mill’s release on bail at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court level while the current legal proceedings continue, even in light of Judge Brinkley’s vindictive and erroneous decision.”

Unfortunately, there isn't a set timeline that requires the Supreme Court to make a decision about Meek Mill's bail petition, so we're not sure exactly when that news should come.

We'll keep you updated on any developments in Meek's case as they come.

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