Meek Mill made his late-night television return in a major way last night (Sept. 4). The Legends of the Summer rapper spoke to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, alongside his friend and Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, to discuss his efforts towards criminal justice reform, before Meek brought out PnB Rock and Jeremih to perform their song "Dangerous."

It's symbolic that Meek makes his late-night return on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, because it's been almost exactly a year since Meek was last on the show. After he left the appearance in 2017, he popped the infamous wheelie that led to him being sentenced to two to four years in prison for probation violation and launched his journey into criminal justice reform.

Meek began the interview by discussing the environment in Philadelphia, which, like many cities in America, is marred by police brutality and rampant drug addiction. Meek describes how he himself was addicted to Percocets for some time during his life. He and Michael Rubin then go on to discuss their decision to launch a new foundation with the intent of freeing one million people from the criminal justice system.

"There's 6.7 million people in the criminal justice system in the United States—five times the rate of anywhere else in the world," Rubin says. "There's no logic. It's a system that was built decades ago that makes no sense and it needs aggressive people to say 'This is broken, we need to fix it'."

"Our message will be simple," he continued. "How do we get a minimum of one million people out of the criminal justice system over the next five years? And, in the long term, how do we cut that population in half?"

Meek goes on to say that he considers himself one of the lucky ones to have made it out.

"I come from a place where Black males lose their lives on a daily basis," Meek says. "Families are torn apart by the system, mothers and fathers, kids are raised around addicts, and we made it through all that."

Watch Meek Mill's interview with Jimmy Fallon and his performance of "Dangerous" with PnB Rock and Jeremih below.

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