Even Meek Mill sings in the shower. The Dreamchasers rapper recently posted a Snapchat video, in which he's singing his favorite song, Bibi Bourelly's "Ballin."

The MMG artist posted a screenshot of the song on Instagram, with the caption, "My favorite song!" earlier this week. Then, Meek Snapchatted himself singing "Ballin" in the shower, with the caption, "I can cook you noodles shawty."

In the clip, Meek sings, “But I'm ballin', ballin', I'm so fucking awesome/Vroom vroom, yeah, That's my Camry roaring/Shit, think the engine light came on, Now I gotta walk 15 miles to my apartment/Heart them ramen noodles/Freak it with the hot sauce/I do McDonalds too though.”

Bibi Bourelly appreciated the love and re-posted Meek's video on her Instagram account. You can view both posts below courtesy of Meek's and Bibi's Instagram posts.

In other Meek-related news, the 29-year-old rapper just previewed a new track, which sounds like it's going to be a banger. People are speculating the song is called "Black Roses," and Meek spits, “Skittles bouncing off the ground same time the blood drop/And they wondering why we killing, shit I wish we would stop/How the judge gon judge me, when love don’t love me/My cell is getting cold and my future looking ugly." The record is expected to land on Meek's upcoming DC 4.5 mixtape.

You can check out Meek singing in the shower below.

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