For Meek Mill, the straw the broke the legal camel's back and precipitated his two-year jail sentence for probation violation came just hours after he performed his Wins & Losses single, "Young Black America," on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Next month, just a bit over a year after that fateful night, the Philadelphia rapper will make his return.

According to an exclusive report from the folks at Variety, the rapper will make an appearance on The Tonight Show on Sept. 4. Naturally, he'll also be taking the stage to perform. Considering all that Meek's gone through, it feels safe to say his interview will be an enlightening one.

Since getting out of jail this past April, Meek has spoken at length about the perceived ills of the justice system. At the time of his sentencing last fall, many argued that the rapper's punishment was overly harsh as the spotlighted the fact that the probation violation was tied to charges he'd gotten nearly a decade beforehand by an allegedly crooked cop.

Helping Meek at various points during Meek's time behind bars was Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin who, just last month, revealed that he and the MMG rhymer were launching a criminal justice reform organization.

"So we're taking on the whole criminal justice system now, and we're gonna be announcing a major foundation soon," Rubin said. "I'm going to be highly involved with it, Meek's going to be highly involved with it, and some other big people who you know and follow and care about will also be very involved with it. We think we can launch what will be the most impactful foundation within criminal justice reform and create a movement."

Meek is making big strides toward justice for others, but he himself is still battling what he feels is corruption in his own case. Last week, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied Meek Mill's appeal to have Judge Genece Brinkley removed from his case after he alleged that she had displayed "unethical behavior" throughout his various trials over the last several years. His case is now going to the Superior Court.

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