In 2016, the overwhelming success of "One Dance" proved that almost no one could resist the urge to vibe out to Drake's music. In 2017, it's proving that the song's appeal even stretches out to Drizzy's enemies--specifically, Meek Mill.

In a recently uploaded video, Meek and his crew can be seen turning up to "One Dance" as they two-step the night away. If you know Meek's history with the Toronto rapper, this probably isn't something you ever saw coming. 2017 is off to an interesting start.

Back in 2015, Meek stained Drizzy's credibility by claiming that rapper/songwriter Quentin Miller was responsible for crafting some of his music. In the days and weeks and months that followed, Drizzy and Meek exchanged a few scathing diss records, with Drake's Meek diss "Back to Back" being nominated for a Grammy. Ouch.

Although Meek and Drizzy haven't been as active in their beef lately, they haven't really shown any signs of reconcilliation, even though Drizzy recently promised to never perform "Back to Back" anymore during a New Year's Eve show in Las Vegas. Considering everything that's happened recently, beef is probably the last thing on Meek's mind.

Just a few days ago, Nicki Minaj announced that she and Meek are no longer a couple. Naturally, the Internet had a lot to say, creating the biggest meme-storm Meek's seen since summer 2015. You can see how Twitter reacted to Meek's split from Nicki here.

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