Meek Mill and Drake engaged in one of the more memorable rap beefs in recent memory, and in a peculiar plot twist it seems that Joe Budden is prepared to go to battle with each. Things came to a bit of a head yesterday (June 29) when Meek seemingly responded to a tweet Joe had published saying "Fuck Meek." The notion was that Meek was preparing some bars for Budden, to which the Slaughterhouse member responded with "God is good."

Now, whatever was brewing between the two has escalated overnight, with Meek calling Joe out by name on Instagram. "Nobody ain't Tryna come at that Shermhead/crackhead Joebuddens this nigga got the blogs to say I'm about to diss him," he wrote, "we running down on niggas off the internet... He 's infatuated with rappers lives nigga a podcaster now lol."

Budden responded via Twitter, writing in since deleted tweets, "Don’t worry, I was done being reactionary months ago, I’ll initiate, u take your time, diss bars clearly aren’t your thing…I apologized once, now repent. Grab a pad quick nigga, it’s coming." And below, "Don't speak my name to a fan... Say it to me nigga. Stand behind your ability to rap."

All of this comes just days after Budden previewed what sounds to be a diss aimed at Drake. When Joe called Views, Drizzy's latest, uninspired, the Ruler of the 6 turned around with what seemed like subs directed Budden's way, starting off a guest verse with "pump, pump, pump it up." A few videos then surfaced of Budden speculating among friends whether or not Drake had him in his crosshairs, with Budden believing that a few lines on "4PM in Calabasas" were meant specifically for him.

As for the start of the Budden-Meek beef, earlier this month Joe called Nicki Minaj stupid for continuing to date the Philly rapper. Much of what Joe has said has taken place on his "I'll Name This Podcast Later" hence Meek's final jab in the above Instagram comment, and though Meek and Drake aren't likely to unite against their common enemy, they probably share a similar sentiment that Budden's comments were unnecessary. Either way, a war of words looks to have been ignited, with Joe potentially firing the first shot.

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