After he was arrested for reckless endangerment for popping a wheelie on a dirt bike in New York City on Thursday night (Aug. 17), Meek Mill is avoiding felony charges for the case. According to TMZ, prosecutors decided against pursuing the charges after they arrested him for footage he posted to Instagram Live.

The Wins & Losses rapper's attorney, Joe Tacopina, spoke with reporters, where he shared his outrage over the arrest, commenting that he was not even given a traffic ticket at the time of the wheelie, even though cops were already present.

"In my 26 years in this system, both as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer, I've really never seen a case like this," Tacopina states. "I really haven't. You know, you have a situation where a guy literally popped a wheelie for 10 seconds on the street with no one else around, and the police were there. That's very important. The police were there and saw it that night, and they didn't arrest him. They didn't charge him with reckless endangerment. They didn't even give him a traffic ticket."

The attorney also explains that the "Whatever You Need" MC was the only one arrested for the incident, even though there were eight other people "doing the same thing" with him.

"What's very telling about the police department's intent here and how they viewed this is that they had 22 police cars [to] arrest Meek Mill on a traffic violation," he explains. "I mean, I think when John Gotti was arrested, there were about four police cars. It just goes to tell you what's in their state of mind. I mean, it was ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous."

Although Meek is avoiding felony charges for the bike tricks, he is expected to face "some sort of misdemeanor" instead.

Stay tuned for more updates on Meek's case in New York City as details emerge.

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