Meek Mill's work with Ethika is continuing to make big strides, and now the two are teaming up to make a real difference in his own home neighborhood. The Wins & Losses rapper is presenting a new partnership with the underwear brand, where they will choose an elementary school in Philadelphia to "make magic" at.

Meek posts a new photo of artwork featuring a diploma and a ribbon that reads "Dreamchasers" and "Ethika" on it, and describes a mysterious upcoming initiative that serves to "help push the youth to a new level."

"Pick a elementary school in Philadelphia we can make magic at and help push the youth to a new level," he writes. "#DREAMCHASERS X #ETHIKA are partnering up to do something big! #STAYTUNED."

We're not quite sure what Meek and the brand have in store, but it looks like it could definitely help the lives of elementary school students in the MC's own home city. Being that there is a diploma in the artwork, it may aid in encouraging students to continue on to graduate and seek higher education, but time will tell when the initiative is unveiled.

So far, tons of fans and followers have been commenting under the photo with names of different elementary schools all across Pennsylvania's capital, hoping that their school becomes a part of whatever Meek and Ethika are planning.

See the post from Meek below to guess what he might be up to with Ethika.

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