Keeping track of the shoe deals that rapper's rack up is becoming as difficult as making sense of inner-label turmoil or contextless song leaks. Kanye is with Adidas. Drake is with Jordan. Rick Ross is with Reebok. And Meek Mill is with Puma, the rapper posting two images to Instagram showing a collaboration between the shoe brand and Meek's own Dreamchasers.

It's hard to ascertain much from Meek's posts, one a black label on a black product with both brands represented, the other, the inside sole of the shoe showing similar branding. Meek has released a Puma shoe before, a "24K White Gold” sneaker that was released in January 2015, and was originally priced at $139.99. In the time since though, Rihanna has been named Creative Director of the footwear brand, and has released a number of sneakers herself including the Fenty Trainer and Creepers.

Meek is currently on house arrest in Philadelphia but has stayed busy with girlfriend Nicki Minaj, showing off the iced-out watch she gifted him for his 29th birthday. A few weeks back, Meek teased a track titled "You Know How Froze That Is" which will feature himself alongside Nicki and Lil Uzi Vert. Meek is preparing to drop his Dreamchasers 4 mixtape sometime soon, and has previewed new tracks with Rick Ross and Chris Brown. As is the case with these sort of things, there's a good possibility that the mixtape and Meek's other shoe drop around the same time.

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