The funny thing about being a comedian is sometimes the tables turn and the joker becomes the one getting laughed at. Kevin Hart found out first hand recently when he posted a picture to his Instagram account of him looking suave in what looks like a leather shirt with cut-off sleeves. What seemed like an innocent photo opportunity turned into a joke fest for rappers Drake and Meek Mill. Taking to his IG account, Drake reposted the movie star's photo along with the hilarious caption, " Please don't do this tonight," then adding the hast tags, #IsThatLeatherDriFit #PleaseTellMeThereAreOtherOptions #ThisIsABillBellamyFit #BalmainWillNotHireYou #ThisManIsOverlyLit.

Follow Philly native Meek Mill got in on the laughter reposting the same photo to his account with the comment, "Let's start a petition for kev 2 take this shirt off. cmon Man U from philly." Comedian Lil Duval even went in making the remark, "Maaaaaan [Kevin Hart] if u don't get the fuck outta here wit that full body waist trainer on."

Having enough of being the butt of all the jokes, Kevin responded with a video warning his detractors that they would feel his wrath for clowning him. He later backed up his words.

Check out the gut-busting shenanigans, below.