Recently, news broke about U.S. Olympic gold-medalist swimmer, Ryan Lochte, trying to trademark the catchphrase, “Jeah.”

Well, MC Eiht has something to say about that in the form of a cease-and-desist letter that he plans on serving Lochte. During this past weekend, the Compton rapper told TMZ that he coined the phrase, “Jeah” back in 1988 and is insulted to hear Lochte claim it as his own years later.

“Why try and trademark something his ass didn’t even create?” Eiht told the celebrity news website. “I am mad that he isn’t giving me proper recognition for taking my saying. He is just disrespectful.”

To that, Lochte’s manager told TMZ that, “Ryan has been using 'Jeah' for years” and that “this is the first I have heard of this claim by MC Eiht.”

Even if Lochte’s manager’s claim is true that the swimmer has been using the catchphrase for years, “Jeah” is littered all over Eiht’s debut album, We Come Strapped, back in 1994.

During the Olympics late last month, XXL spoke to Paul Wall and TV Johnny about crafting the American flag stars-and-stripes diamond and ruby grill that Lochte wore on the podium after winning a gold medal in the 400-meter IM event.—Mark Lelinwalla

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