Maxo Kream concert turned violent after one fan crossed the line at his show.

On Saturday (Nov. 16), the Brandon Banks rapper was performing in Scottsdale, Ariz. for his Brandon Banks Tour when suddenly he stopped the show and jumped into the crowd to punch an attendee. On video captured from the incident, you can see Maxo get splashed with something before he abruptly stops the show.

The following day, Maxo explained that there was beer thrown on him during the show which prompted the reaction.

"Nicca threw beer on me so I whooped his ass," he wrote with a devil emoji and a shrug emoji.

Maxo Kream via Twitter
Maxo Kream via Twitter

This isn't the first time one of Maxo's shows has taken an unfortunate turn. During his Punken Tour in 2018, Maxo's security team Maxo's security team escorted a woman out of a venue after she threw an object on the stage. While that in itself doesn't sound unreasonable, the issue came when his security also splashed water on the woman's face, poured a bottle over her head and removed both her hat and wig and threw it into the crowd.

After facing the backlash, Maxo himself personally reached out to the woman before issuing a public apology and explanation.

"Just chopped it up with Asha," he wrote on social media with a screenshot of their FaceTime conversation. "I personally apologized for what happened last night. Even though I didn’t do it I felt responsible for what happened to her, and promised her that I was gonna make this right."

Maxo Kream's Brandon Banks Tour wrapped in El Paso, Texas on Sunday.

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