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Master P has stepped forth to cover funeral expenses for 12-year-old Ray Etheridge, who was stabbed and killed by a 21-year-old homeless man earlier this week, reports WLKY News.

The two got into a physical fight Tuesday afternoon at Cherokee Park. Police reports say Etheridge was stabbed and killed by Joseph Cambron, who was an acquaintance of Etheridge. A runner found the boy’s body not long after at 4:30 p.m.

"We were able to put some information together, they did know each other from that area for a few weeks," said Homicide Unit Lt. Todd Kessinger.

The day of the murder, Etheridge was at Mid-City Mall with his mother, where the homeless family spent much of their time. After wandering off, the 7th grader was spotted on surveillance video with Cambron at a library just before his death.

This is not the first time Cambron has been charged for committing a crime. In September of 2013, he was indicted on a charge of sexual abuse against a then 6-year-old girl. Though he was acquitted, Cambron did admit to having a violent temper and to killing the 12-year-old boy.

"I've probably caused more damage to myself than I had anyone else," he said in a police interview. "I don't know. I try to bottle it up so I don't hit someone else."

Etheridge’s family will be holding a memorial and remembrance ceremony at 4 p.m. on Sunday (Oct. 4) at the park. While P has covered the funeral, the family is currently raising money for a headstone. Donations are being accepted at a PNC Bank branch under the Ray Allen Etheridge Memorial Fund.

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