Master P and his estranged wife Sonya Miller have been battling it out in divorce court and now a judge is ordering P to pay a huge monthly payment to Sonya for child and spousal support. According to TMZ, the No Limit Soldier will way just under $30,000 a month--$16,574 in spousal support and $10,473 in child support. The rapper also has to pay another $200,000 in attorney fees for his estranged wife. These totals are not final, however. The two still need to total their assets which will affect the final monthly payments.

In September, TMZ also broke the story that Master P was threatening to stop paying rent and cut off cable and phone services at Sonya Miller's Calabasas, California home where P was paying for housing. P contested that his estranged wife was "allowing access to her boyfriend and her partying friends to come over and sleep where my kids are." In the court proceedings, the judge ordered that Sonya has the exclusive right to stay in the home.

Master P and Sonya aren't the only two in the Miller family to be taking sides in the court room. Sonya is also suing their son Romeo since the child is named as the co-owner and co-founder of No Limit Forever. Sonya claims that P is using Romeo to hid assets and he is using Romeo's job title as a way to stop her from getting paid.