As the old saying goes, the Internet is undefeated, and the latest reminder of that reality comes in the form of an amazing new Drake mash-up. This one features British reggae artist and newly minted viral sensation Macka B's cucumber rap and Drizzy's mellow, island-inspired "Passionfruit" instrumental. Listen to it below.

All it takes is about nine seconds to realize just how seamless this mash-up actually is. Macka B's vocals blend perfectly with Drizzy's More Life cut. "Cucumber, cucumber/Vitamins, minerals very high number/Silica, hair and nails get longer/Other vitamins make your bones dem stronger, he raps in the video.  You can peep the mash-up for yourself below.

Interestingly enough, this is just the second major mash-up featuring elements of Drizzy's work, but the thing is, the last one reminded fans of their suspicions the Toronto rapper took another rapper's flow.

A few weeks ago, one SoundCloud user uploaded a mash-up called "Look At Me Kissing My Teeth," and amalgam of XXXTENTACION's "Look At Me" and Drizzy's "KMT." When a preview for "KMT" first surfaced online a few months ago, fans immediately noted the striking similarities between his cadence for the track and X's for his. The seamlessness of the "Look At Me Kissing My Teeth" mash-up only reinforced what X and plenty of other people already thought to be true about the biting allegations.  We don't know if you've been keeping score but, let's just say X hasn't been too happy with the Toronto rapper.

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