With life or death stakes, and realistic, but easily romanticized details, trap come up stories remain a staple of the rap world. It's a tradition Atlanta's own ManMan Savage sticks to in this edition of XXL's What I Do, a free-wheeling a cappella rhyme session that puts rappers on the spot to showcase their skills.

For this episode, the 24-year-old East Atlanta trap star delivers a beat-less rendition of "I'm a Star," the video for which Savage premiered with XXL just last week. Letting his relaxed, casual southern drawl take up the airspace, Savage lets loose tales from the trenches, a place he's still got at least one foot in even as he makes his way toward increased visibility in the rap game.

"Riding ’round the city with the A-R, pop me a nigga, not a tart/Ridin' in the Lambo like a go kart," he raps at the beginning of his verse. "If 12 pull me over, I won't let them search my car/I look in told the bitch nigga, you know who I are/I ain't sparin' shit, nigga beatin all the odds/My name should be up in the bible, I'm respected by the god."

As showcased by his performance of "I'm a Star," ManMan Savage, whom XXL profiled for The Break three years ago, is definitely in top form heading into 2019. Next up on his to-do list is dropping off EA to LA, which is a project he and Watts, Calif.'s Ron-Ron the Producer had been working on for a while now. Notice the "had" part.

"I'm working on the tape that I've been done with for a quite a little minute now," Savage tells XXL. "I wanted to drop it in December, but I guess I'ma wait until next year."

As far as what he's got going in the new year, ManMan isn't letting his foot off the gas pedal. "If I'm going hard, just go 10 times harder than I'm going," he shares. "That's my New Year's resolution. Just go harder."

Peep ManMan Savage's edition of What I Do for yourself up top.

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