R. Kelly's Chicago studio was raided by Chicago building inspectors, but a mystery man appeared to have gotten away with a computer hard drive before they arrived.

On Wednesday afternoon (Jan. 16), members of the Chicago Fire Department and building inspectors visited Kelly's studio, which is a place some people believe he housed his alleged victims. Police secured the area while inspectors entered the property. They eventually cited the "I Admit" singer for various building code violations after they found evidence that individuals were living inside the non-residential building.

Before the raid took place, CBS 2 reporter Mike Puccinelli was on the scene around 5 a.m. when he witnessed a mystery man carrying boxes and a computer out of the building. After the reporter approached him, the man wouldn't confirm if he was the landlord or an employee of Kelly's and ended up driving away with everything in his trunk.

The raid on Kelly's studio comes after a criminal investigation was launched against the embattled singer and two of his employees. Kelly's former manager James Mason turned himself into police for reportedly issuing "terroristic" style death threats towards the family of Joycelyn Savage, one of Kelly's alleged victims, last year. Kelly's other manager, Don Russell, is also being investigated for threatening the Savages days before Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly aired.

Check out the footage of the mystery man removing boxes and a computer from R. Kelly's Chicago studio below.

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