Last week, Kendrick Lamar released his highly-anticipated DAMN. album for fans, and while it received critical acclaim, fans started speculating he would be dropping a second album on Easter Sunday. While the Compton rapper's fandom debated all weekend about the potential project, one Reddit user made a bold bet that the album was definitely going to drop.

Unfortunately, the user was wrong about his claim, and he was forced to eat a vinyl record to pay for his bet loss. The user, Cousin Tyrone, who came from a K. Dot subreddit, filmed himself combining the vinyl with some milk in a blender, which created a thick paste-like substance which he proceeded to drink. He told the camera, “Ladies and gentlemen, Kendrick Lamar did not drop a second album tonight. Bottoms up.” As part of his promise, he had some of his friends join him for the ordeal so that they could confirm that he was not falsifying the action in any way.

While many users on the Reddit post of the video were concerned with how poisonous the vinyl could be for someone to drink, Cousin Tyrone confirmed he was doing fine, but he was having some effects after taking laxatives to pass it. He wrote, “I took A LOT of laxatives to help pass the vinyl as fast as possible. It’s been around 16 hours since I did this and I’m still feeling the effects of it. Overall, I do not recommend eating vinyl. I’ll answer more questions if you have any.”

Watch the video below to see a grown man eat a vinyl after losing a bet about a rapper.

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