If there's one thing hip-hop will always embrace, it's being true to one's self. Speaking to XXL for The Break interview in 2017, 27-year-old Bronx bombshell Maliibu Miitch said that she was signed to a record label twice in the past, but neither opportunity worked out. Rather than change things up, Miitch continued to believe in her talent, and in 2018, she signed to Atlantic Records and picked up momentum with songs like 2018's "Give Her Some Money" and "Bum Bitch." Today (Jan. 17), she drops off her video for the latter song, and XXL's got the exclusive premiere.

The Garret Laver-directed video starts off with Miitch in a few different locations. In one part of the video, she's hoodied up in the cold. In another, she's room full of money where she's counting cash. Next thing you know, she's in a back alley.

For Miitch, she wanted to make sure the video was fun to create. "The video is super gritty but still playful," she tells XXL. "It's reflected through the settings in the video as well as my outfit + makeup choices. It's important for me to have fun and enjoy the process of creating visuals for my music."

In all three locations, she's well dressed and all attitude as she raps her verses. She spits every bar convincingly, then closes the video out by showing off her jewelry and tattoos.

The whole track is about Maliibu Miitch being far and way from anyone else. "I'm the star athlete, you play the bench/You like a broke down car and I'm the wrench," she spits. "I'm a spicy chicken tender dipped in ranch/You just some overcooked bird that had no chance."

Maliibu Miitch has a project on the way and is looking forward to dropping even more videos. The "Bum Bitch" video is a sample of what's to come and theres more to look forward to.

Catch the video below.

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