While most chalked Mase and Jay-Z’s small late ‘90s beef up to rapper bravado, the former Bad Boy rapper recently revealed that a female was actually at the root of the disdain. While being interviewed on MTV’s Rap Fix Live, Pastor Betha said most of his beefs were over “girls that went wrong” mentioning that a woman named Arion was in the middle of his problem with Hov.

“It was a girl, she liked me. We did whatever we did. And it was somebody's girlfriend that was in [Jay-Z's] crew,” he told Sway. “So then, me and Dame get into it. Dame wanna box with me, I tell him, 'Let's box.' We didn't end up boxing, everybody broke it up on 125th. I guess Jay inherited it because me and him never really had a problem," he added. "He said something, I said something back and that was about it."

The beef never materialized to anything other than some subliminal shots on wax. On 112’s ’98 song “Love Me” Mase rapped, "All we hear is platinum that, platinum this / Platinum whips, nobody got no platinum hits," allegedly referring to Hov. Jay fired back on his track “Ride or Die” when he spit, “"You see the respect I get every time I come through / Check ya own videos you'll always be #2." The song “Imaginary Player” was also rumored to be another jab at the Harlem rapper.

Check out the interview, below.

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