Fresh off releasing his Bloom earlier today, Machine Gun Kelly comes through with a visual for "The Gunner," one of the better tracks from his latest album.

If "The Gunner" video looks familiar, it's probably because it should; it's basically an amalgam of every dystopian world-inhabiting, sci-fi action flick from the mid-2000s—think Chronicles of Riddick and The Matrix: Revolutions. In it, MGK plays the role of the eponymous "Gunner," an action hero, or antihero, feared and respected across whatever world he travels to.

Rocking a glossy black cloak/robe hybrid, MGK–with his tall, slender frame and blonde hair—looks like a more menacing version of Trigun's Vash The Stampede than a rapper, and that's the point. In the video, we see MGK get summoned by a group of beautiful politicians seemingly searching for a mercenary to complete whatever job it is that needs to be handled. The Gunner is the one they're looking for.

Over the course of the song, MGK strides across what looks like an abandoned street as his followers, a group of machine gun-toting women, aim their weapons to the sky while he raps about his status in the rap game, which is definitely rising.

You can check out the visual for yourself below. Cop Bloom on iTunes today.

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