Amber Rose and Machine Gun Kelly recently stepped out in public together so unsurprisingly MGK was pressed about his relationship with the voluptuous Rose during his visit to Hot 97. While the rapper neither confirmed nor denied that the two are officially dating, he did say that he was struggling with the fact that he, as a relatively low-key person, is linked to someone who thrives in the spotlight.

"Everything was completely natural, it wasn't anything expected or planned or anything like that," started the Ohio native. "When the universe throws something your way, I'm one of those people that goes with it. I don't fight it and I had no idea what came with that and it'd be a lie if I didn't say it's a struggle everyday to cope with like...One of the most anti-spotlight people ever and one of the most in the spotlight people ever...It makes you rethink this whole fame thing again."

MGK then went into a dissertation about fame and how he saw a guy working a waffle truck and wished he could go back to that life. The conversation then spiraled into waffles and things of that nature, but the point here is MGK and Amber Rose are likely dating. XXL recently asked Rose about her and MGK and the beauty responded simply, "We're enjoying each other's company."