If the animosity between WWE Legend The Rock and his fellow cultural icon John Cena isn’t enough already, some extra “rage” has been added to the upcoming WrestleMania 28 event to take place in Miami, Florida on April 1; Bad Boy’s Machine Gun Kelly, or MGK, has been tapped to provide a song for the event.

“Yeah, my song ‘Invincible’ got chosen as the theme for ‘WrestleMania’ for the homie John Cena," the "Wild Boy" explains. "It’s the background for his trailer. It hasn’t come out yet, but I saw it and it's fucking nuts. He’s an underdog from Boston, I’m a underdog from Cleveland, so it was cool, man.”

“Waking up sweatin’ from the stress of being caged down,” he raps on the track. “Everything I write is played out like ‘what is this?’/ Tear the whole page out / Man, I come from holes in the wall but they don’t know the past / Even if I told them all they wouldn’t know the half / So maybe I fill up my luggage with all these dreams / And pull on my black coat and my black chucks and nothing in my jeans / And just run, til the day come like Rocky’s movie scene.”

While Kelly might not get a chance to perform the song during WrestleMania, he is amped about performing during the Hostile Takeover tour with Tech N9ne which kicks off in March. The young MC says he’s excited about tearing up venues with Tech, who he has seen in concert four times already. “I was fan before I was participant in the show,” Machine Gun notes.

“Invincible” also features singer Ester Dean on the chorus. —Shaheem Reid