They eagerly arrived to watch Machine Gun Kelly in concert. However, a few hundred MGK fans in St. Cloud, Minnesota, left in disappointment before the show could even begin on Thursday night (Feb. 16), as it was cancelled due to a lack of security at the venue, the St. Cloud National Guard Armory.

“The decision was made by the National Guard, once it was clear that the contracted security requirements were not met by the leasee,” Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Olson told the St. Cloud Times.

The St. Cloud Times went on to report that someone other than St. Cloud police sprayed mace into the crowd at the Armory, but there were no reported injuries.

Further souring the cancellation was the false rumor that the concert was going to be re-located to another venue in downtown St. Cloud. The St. Cloud Times adds that about 100-150 concertgoers trekked from the Armory to the supposed new venue, D.B. Searle’s bar, only to find out that the entire rumor was false.

The cancelled concert marks a promotion mess, in which the concert’s venue was originally changed last-minute from Friday night (Feb. 17) to the night before, only to never happen.

The good news is that concertgoers are being asked to hold onto their tickets, as the show will be rescheduled, although no date has been set just yet.

"I appreciate everybody coming out to the show in St. Cloud last night,” Bad Boy rapper MGK said in a statement he sent “Unfortunately the show was cancelled because of security issues at the venue that were beyond our control. I will definitely be back in Minnesota soon. Lace up!"

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Strange Music’s Kutt Calhoun were also set to join MGK on the bill. —Mark Lelinwalla