Mac Miller's legacy will live on thanks to his estate and former record label. Fans can expect an upcoming project meant to honor his legacy that they'll also be able to participate in.

On Tuesday (July 21), Warner Music announced that Mac Miller's team is crafting an untitled project to celebrate the life and music of the fallen rapper. In a social media post sent out on Twitter by the record label, Warner encouraged Mac's fans to leave voicemails to participate in the forthcoming project.

"Mac Miller's team is working on an untitled project to celebrate Malcolm and his music," the social media post begins. "His art touched so many lives in so many ways. A toll-free phone number has been set up to collect your stories, thoughts and wishes as part of this project. Your offerings are deeply appreciated."

As the message continues, fans are given instructions on how to leave voicemails for the project honoring Miller. "If you'd like to participate, please visit."

While there is no official word on if Warner Records is working on a new album or documentary for the former 2011 XXL Freshman, this will be the second project released in Miller's likeness this year. Back in January, the "Dang!" rapper's posthumous album, Circles, was released. The 12-track LP is the sixth and first posthumous album released after Mac's passing on Sept. 7, 2018. This project was set to be a part of a trilogy in conjunction with Mac's Swimming effort.

No release date or additional information about what fans can expect from this new project has been disclosed at this time, but Mac Miller's supporters are likely to get this project in the coming months.

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