Mac Miller finds the cure for chronic happiness in a new Funny or Die skit. In the above clip "DreadLexa: The First Depressant For Rappers with Mac Miller" released today (Nov. 15), Mac appears in the fake commercial for the new drug DreadLexa, a depressant specifically designed for rappers who want to be depressed enough to make fire music.

As the infomercial voiceover states, the drug is "designed to drag you back into that dark, creative place you fear and need to create music people respect."

"Using a formula of bad drugs bought off sketchy dudes with too many Pitbulls," DreadLexa works by inhibiting dopamine receptors in the brain. Much like the real life pitfalls of rap fame, side effects of DreadLexa can include narcissistic delusions quickly followed by waves of self doubt. Mac goes from smelling flowers to spittin' crazy dark bars in the studio with just a few doses.

"Sure, I have a crippling fear that I'm worthless and nobody loves me and that I'll probably die alone," says Mac "but more importantly, the music's great."

In reality, Mac Miller's latest album The Divine Feminine is pretty much one big love fest. The 10-track LP, which dropped in September, is an audible celebration of the love Mac has found in his life. Since the Pittsburgh rapper was confirmed to be dating singer Ariana Grande the same month the album came out, the two have been spotted showing off plenty of honeymoon-phase PDA. Grande continued a guest verse to Mac's album, appearing on the track "My Favorite Part." Check out a video of the couple performing the new duet here and see if Mac sells his depression in the DreadLexa commercial above.

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