Stepping out onto the court can result in more than just bodily harm, with Mac Miller learning that lesson the hard way at a recent celebrity basketball game. In the video above, Mac attempts to defend a fast break, but falls for a ball fake disguised as an entry pass, resulting in some pretty devastating embarrassment as he falls to the floor.

As is usually the case with such on-court displays, the crowd and game participants have to pause afterward to celebrate the ankle-breaking maneuver. Chris Brown, who was teammates with Mac for the game, kindly suggests that the rapper be subbed out, mouthing "sit him down" and "he's done." To Mac's credit, his ego doesn't look too bruised, and with a newly blossomed romance with Ariana Grande, he has plenty of reason to go on with his head held high.

Brown meanwhile started the same celebrity game by sitting for the National Anthem, joining Colin Kaepernick and others in their silent protest of racial injustices in the United States. Tank, who performed the National Anthem, had urged those in attendance to stand and forgo any protest considering the game was taking place on the 15th anniversary of September 11.

With Mac's album The Divine Feminine set to drop this Friday (Sept. 16), he shouldn't have too much trouble putting this incident behind him. Late last week, he released the third track off the album, his collab with Grande titled "My Favorite Part."

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