Detroit rapper M-City J.R. had a pretty good 2016. He signed to Atlantic Records and struck gold with his single "Addicted To My Ex" last September. He finally releases his seven-track mixtape for fans enjoyment. The song has over 10 million plays on Soundcloud.

Addicted To My Ex has guest appearances from Quincy Banks and Chef Geech and other standout singles like "Bitch Bye" — a reply to Beyoncé's "Boy bye" chorus on "Sorry" off her last album Lemonade.

Stream J.R.'s Addicted To My Ex above.

Addicted To My Ex Tracklist
01. "Addicted To My Ex"
02. "Bitch Bye"
03. "4 AM"
04. "Diddy'd That"
05. "S M"
06. "Very Rare"
07. "Hatin Don't Make You No Money" Feat. Quincy Banks
08. "100 Grand" Feat. Chef Geech
09. "Beep Beep"
10. "Dance No Mo"

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