UPDATE: Lupe Fiasco took to Twitter to update fans on his upcoming album 
Tetsuo and Youth. Lupe says that the album will be on 12 songs.

----- Fans no longer have to ponder on when Lupe Fiasco's new album
Tetsuo and Youth will finally come out. In an interview with Sway In The Morning, Lupe revealed this album will be slated for a summer release. "The album is coming," he said.  "It’s not June. It’s not Ramadan. So there’s one month left." If you recall, Lupe did say that he
collaborated with Big Krit for the album. With the album already boasting features from the likes of Rick Ross, KRIT, and Trae the Truth; Fiasco did also reveal that Chris Brown and Ab-Soul are on the project. Fiasco has also shed  light pertaining to the direction of the album conceptually in the past, as he noted that the album would be more 
"ratchet", in contrast to his previous endeavors. He released the single
"Mission", a few weeks back, and it received a warm reception. Check out the rest of the interview below.