Yesterday (Jan. 5),  Ab-Soul indirectly requested that Lupe Fiasco review his latest album  Do What Thou Wilt. Later that day, the Lasers artist obliged by tweeting out an extremely eloquent review of Soulo's newest project. Peep what the wordplay wizard has to say about the TDE MC's latest album up top.

Praising Soulo as a "master of form," Lupe focuses on the way the TDE rapper's understanding of language enhances the songs on DWTW. In the post, Lupe writes, "With this understanding of language he elevates the common and the banal to a kind of high ornamental vulgarity fit for the average Joe but it’s when he brings this skill set to subjects of the socially esoteric and the hermeneutical that AbSoul IT’s alchemical mastery shines and impresses, questioning the roots of social quo and provoking re-examination of the source with ease and experience."

So basically Lupe is pretty impressed with Soulo, and so was Scott Glaysher, who reviewed DWTW for XXL just a few weeks ago. Like, Lupe, Glaysher was impressed with Soulo's lyricism. "Soul doesn’t waste one second with any type of filler lines or intro niceties as he utters that it’s 'Raw backwards on all you rappers.' In other words, he’s declaring war against anyone else who decides to pick up a microphone," Glaysher says in his review. "His artillery for said war is the complex metaphors, similes, double, triple and even quadruple entendres that will glide right over anyone’s head if they aren’t paying close attention for the entire hour and 17 minutes."

You can hear some of Ab-Soul's skillful wordplay for yourself by peeping the video for his DWTW cut "D.R.U.G.S." here.

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