While on his nationwide Generation Laser Tour, Grammy Award-winning MC, Lupe Fiasco, revealed plans to drop a new mixtape and a DJ album.

Speaking with examiner.com, Lupe said he hopes to drop latter album by the end of the year.

“Me and my partner Scott started a DJ collective called Sound Clash,” he said about the collaboration. “We’re working on that album right now and hopefully we’ll have a single out by Halloween and push an album out around that and tour and all that.”

Aside from the DJ album, Lu also is prepping an upcoming mixtape which will segue into his fourth official studio album.

“There’s a Lupe Fiasco mixtape that’s coming which hopefully we’ll have out before the end of the year,” the rapper added. “That will hopefully lead up to the next Lupe Fiasco album.”

The Chi-town native’s tour is set to hit Iowa State tonight (Ocotber 5) and Kansas City’s Midland Theatre tomorrow. Fans can purchase tickets now on ticketmaster.com. —Ralph Bristout