"Wednesday's I'm up in Shine, Cheetah's Monday night/I'm fuckin with the model chicks Friday night at Life/So I'm cruisin in the car with this bougie broad/She said, "Jigga-Man you rich, take the doo-rag off." -- Jay Z, 1999.

To shoot the new video for his single "Adoration of the Magi," Lupe Fiasco called up Cheetah's to ask about a group rate. The Chicago rapper fills the strip club with people of all backgrounds--various religious leaders, blue-collar workers and everyone in between piles into the booths and tables. The refrain ("You just a baby!") seemingly at odds with the surroundings, Lupe is perhaps commenting on what it means to be a stripper in America in the 2010s. ("Adoration of the Magi" is also the song which sparked a minor controversy on Twitter, after it was revealed that Philadelphia rapper GrandeMarshall had made a song over the same DJ Dahi beat in 2012.) The track is taken from Fiasco's fifth studio album, Tetsuo & Youth.

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