Let the news tell it, Chicago is just a place where murders happen and where the Bulls, Bears and Cubs play. But the Windy City is much more than that. As one of the United States' most populated metropolitan areas, the Chi is teeming with a rich and diverse culture. Anthony Bourdain, host of the CNN travel and food show Parts Unknown, recently visited the Chi to get an inside glimpse of the city from some of its residents, including Lupe Fiasco.

Chicago is often seen in a bad light from non residents, but Fiasco assures that his hometown has a lot more to offer. "It's a beautiful place. It's a genuinely beautiful place. You have to redefine what beauty is to you," says Lupe in a clip of the upcoming episode. "When you go to different neighborhoods and it's really bad. And even in that there's still a beauty in the people."

He continues, "Then just from a cultural front we got everything here. If you want capoeira, we got capoeira. If you want house music we got that too. If you want straight finance and you want to just be a stock market baron we got that too. If you want some of the best food you'll ever find we got that too. So we're a crossroads, and we've picked up a lot of little DNA and things from different places on all fronts."

The episode will air Sunday (May 1) on CNN at 9PM EST.

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