Lupe Fiasco has no sympathy for Kid Cudi's battle with depression and suicidal urges. The Chicago rapper made it clear he still has issues with Cudi during a rant on Twitter.

"Can somebody please send me a meme/pic of a duck in a barbershop getting a fade..thanx in advance," Lupe wrote today (Oct. 28) before posting a picture of Drake laughing.

Lupe admitted that his actions were "childish and petty," but he said that Kid Cudi deserved it. He claimed that Cudi attacks Drake instead of him because Cudi is afraid of him.

"Cuz security gonna break that up & it's not gonna happen," Lupe told a user who asked why Cudi is so willing to fight Drake instead of him. "Security wasn't gonna stop ours hahaha."

Lupe also criticized the "Day 'N' Nite" artist's motives for going to rehab.

"He a disrespectful clown tho Leticia....he can't help himself but still," Lupe wrote. "Man fuck that nigga..what part of 'rehab' is calling people pussies and asking for fades?! Rehab is checking your own problems not this shit."

The issue between Lupe and Cudi dates back to August 2014. Cudi called out Lupe off offering personalized verses to fans at a rate of $500. Ever since then, the two have been at odds. Still, the "Kick Push" rapper told a Twitter user he is willing to end the beef if Cudi ever apologizes.

You read all of Lupe Fiasco's comments about his feud with Kid Cudi below.

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