The last episode of Love & Hip Hop saw a litany of fireworks and while this week was calm in comparison, there were still plenty of drama in the air.

DJ Self spends time with his daughter, Kayla, at a picnic and invites Yorma to meet Kayla for the first time. Self tells Kayla he wants her to meet Yorma and see how she feels about the situation. This is all a test to witness firsthand how they get along. Yorma, who was originally skeptical of the sincerity of Self's apology on the radio, feels actions like setting up the meeting between herself and Kayla proves his intentions are pure. This means a lot to her. Kayla and Yorma hit it off instantly and Self looks to finally be back out of the dog house.

With Yorma back in good graces and the drama in his life simmering down, Self has announced his plans to be an artist and wants to put Cardi B in his debut music video. Self calls his stylist friend, Rose, to help style Cardi for the video. However, Rose's intentions prove to cater to Self as opposed to Cardi B. Rose admits to being attracted to Self and believes he needs a woman like her to help him run New York as the top DJ.

Self, who felt the vibes Rose was giving off during her session with Cardi B, plans a meeting with Rose to talk more business. He admits to being a creep by nature and a cheater in the past, but is determined to be on his best behavior when he meets with Rose. In the end, the temptress that is Rose proves to be persuasive and wraps Self in her seductive clutches.

Amina prepares for Peter's return home, but is conflicted between her feelings of wanting nothing to do with him and still being distraught over the state of their relationship. It also appears as if Peter has gotten word of Amina's decision to have an abortion and the news hits him hard. Peter seems to recognize the error in his ways and feels that he needs to show Amina that he cares for her and will be around to support her for the long haul.

Tara visits her therapist to get closure on her relationship with Peter and come to terms with their present situation. The therapist says that if Tara doesn't want to take responsibility that her situation with Peter will be a continuous cycle of infidelity and deceit. The session takes a turn for the dramatic when Tara also informs the therapist that she's currently pregnant with Peter's child yet again, which proves to be the most shocking revelation made during the episode given their predicament. The therapist thinks that Tara and Peter need to have an honest conversation about the pregnancy and come up with a plan so they can work out their relationship in the best interest of their family.

We get our first glimpse of Moe since the BBOD breakup. She's hurt that the duo is no longer together but is determined to get to the top with or without Sexxy Lexxy. Looking to regroup, Moe decides to get in touch with Yandy in hopes of bringing her on as her new manager. Yandy wants time to get to know Moe as a person and artist, but thinks she's talented and hungry and sees a potential winner in her. Yandy seems to be leaning toward assisting her in her solo career.

Sexxy Lexxy meets with Rah Ali and informs her that she quit BBOD, much to her approval. The two decide to begin working together in a one-on-one capacity and appear to have moved on from Moe being in the group without missing a beat. Now they'll build a strategy to get Sexxy Lexxy's solo career on track.

We catch up with Mariah Lynn while on the set of her "Money Gun" video and the Jersey spitter seems to be in great spirits. Her and Cisco have already collaborated on music and she's decided to take on new management -- Rah Ali. In an attempt to prove her worth as a manager, Rah decides to tap Mariah as the headlining performer at her upcoming maxi dress launch party, unknowingly setting in motion the latest beef to emerge on the show.

Rah meets with Remy Ma at a fabric factory to pick out materials for the maxi dress line. She wants Remy to help organize the launch party for the line. Remy, who obliges Rah's request to assist with her launch, has held up her end of the bargain. However, Rah is nowhere to be found. When Rah finally shows up, Remy is upset with her for being late. Tensions quickly rise when Rah introduces Remy to her partner, Toya, who is less than impressed with Remy's contributions and they instantly clash.

Remy turns on the aggression and proceeds to threaten bodily harm to Toya with a calmness that's so frightening you never doubt her for a second. After becoming frustrated with the situation, Remy decides she's had enough of the shenanigans and tells the DJ that she brought along to pack up his equipment.

Luckily, cooler heads prevail in the end and Remy decides to have a change of heart and lets the DJ spin. The show goes on. Mariah graces the stage for a performance of "Money Gun" and while her set is a success, at least one attendee isn't impressed.

Sexxy Lexxy takes offense with the fact that Mariah Lynn got to perform and makes her disdain for the rapper known. She calls her "the help" and threatens to attack her, but Mariah Lynn proves not to be faint of heart and welcomes Sexxy Lexxy's taunts while mocking her. While fisticuffs aren't thrown in this instance, both artists find out that they're under the same management, which sets the stage for what looks to be a highly competitive rivalry moving forward on this season of Love & Hip Hop.

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