This week's episode of Love & Hip Hop picks up with the slap heard around the world as Peter Gunz, Tara and Amina continue to figure out their love triangle. Amina says that "hearing Peter say she was a mistake" was the last straw. Tara thinks Amina's pregnancy is a ploy to keep the rapper in her life and the two begin arguing and hurling insults at each other before parting ways.

Amina meets with her sister Jasmine, who is visiting from Germany, to discuss the turmoil going on. The singer isn't excited about having another baby with Peter because she feels he doesn't want her or another child. She's trying to escape from his clutches, but feels helpless and lonely. Amina's sister assures her that things will be fine and gives her full support to her sibling.

In the world of BBOD, Moe ignores Sexxy Lexxy's attempt to mediate the situation between her and Rah Ali and meets with Yandy to explore management and consultant options. Yandy takes shot at Rah Ali and says she chuckled when she realized BBOD was being managed by her. Rah doesn't have the proper management experience to take BBOD to the top, according to Yandy.

Moe catches up with Sexxy Lexxy, who is still upset with her after her volatile behavior. Lexxy feels Moe is bringing negative energy and attention to the group. On a positive note, Moe informs Lexxy that she met with Yandy and shares what she had to say about Rah Ali, specifically that she isn't fit to be a manager. Lexxy disagrees with Moe and feels Rah has been loyal.

Things reach the point of no return when Rah finds out about Moe's sit-down with Yandy. Of course, she feels Moe's actions are a sign of disloyalty. Rah decides to break ties with BBOD and walks out, leaving the duo to fend for themselves on the eve of a release party.

DJ Self pops up for an appearance and meets with Mariah Lynn. He's a fan of her music, but felt she dropped the ball at Gwinnett Fest. Mariah is receptive to DJ Self's critiques and invites him to her birthday party. She also informs the DJ of her past sexual history with Rich and that he's hosting her birthday party.

Cardi B, who made her much anticipated debut on last week's episode, drops by the studio to find Mariah and DJ Self together. She asks Cardi why she wasn't at Gwinnett Fest, accidentally putting Self in hot water. Cardi alleges that Self doesn't believe in her music due to him not inviting her to the fest to perform.

Mariah invites Cardi to her birthday, which Self disapproves of being that he's supposed to be bringing his girlfriend Yorma. His plans are to keep Cardi away from the party at all costs. Cardi questions Self about why she wasn't invited to Gwinnett Fest and says she wants to keep personal and business separate. She seems hurt by Self's actions and lack of assistance with her music career.

Yorma has her doubts about Self and the mysterious ring situation, but decides to hear him out at a dinner he planned out for the two. She demands that he publicly acknowledge her and wants to know where she stands. Self caves in and agrees to be with Yorma publicly at Mariah's upcoming birthday party. The night of the celebration arrives and the birthday girl is ready to turn up. Self, who brings Yorma along as promised, is under the impression that Cardi B is busy hosting another party -- he feels he's in the clear and has nothing to worry about as far as Cardi and Yorma crossing paths.

Mariah and Rich Dollaz catch up with each other and make small talk until she makes a move on him, which catches him by surprise. Rich wants to keep it business with her and respects his promise to his daughter to stay free of alcohol and women. The night is going smooth until Cardi B stops by the party and spots Yorma and Self canoodling. Cardi pops up on them while they're kissing, much to Self's surprise. After Yorma announces himself as Self's girlfriend, Cardi immediately admits to having sex with him. The ladies begin to bicker back and forth before Cardi B gets extra aggressive and suddenly attacks Yorma while club security rushes to separate the two.

Over on Remy Ma's side of the city, she and Mendeecees -- who have known each other for over 10 years -- meet up for the first time since her prison release. Papoose and Remy talk about their differences in their approach with each other after she was released. She also discusses her adjustment to being back with her family and the bond with their kids. Mendeecees takes notes of Remy's words and promises to do anything he can to keep the bond strong between him and his kids.

Fights, career struggles and relationship issues are never-ending in the world of Love & Hip Hop. Stay tuned to next week's episode to find out how the drama continues.

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