Love & Hip Hop, rap's favorite reality show, returned Monday night (Dec. 14) for what may have been its most anticipated season opener ever. While fans likely didn't get exactly what they tuned in for, the sixth season was far from boring.

It's back to the Big Apple this time, where a few mainstays like Rich Dollaz and Rah Ali (otherwise known as Rashida) show up, a few holdovers from the previous season in Cisco, Peter Gunz, Amina and Tara appear, as well as a boatload of new, fiery cast members, including Remy Ma, Papoose, Mariah Lynn, Bianca, female rap duo BBOD, and the star cast member, Cardi B.

Remy Ma kicks off the first episode by performing her 2004 hit, "Whatever," for a packed crowd and recounting her past success and prison sentence. She's basking in her newfound freedom. "Life doesn't always give you second chances, but this here is mine," she says.

Mendeecees and Yandi are enjoying family life with their newborn baby and son. After her recent pregnancy, Yandi is preparing to get her management career back on track. But there's a dark cloud over these two still. Mendeecees reminds her that they shouldn't buy a house because of the uncertainty of his upcoming sentence on drug charges. Yandy is tired of putting her life and hold and says she is determined to get the house and build a normal life for her and her children.

When it comes to Peter Gunz, there's always some surprises. He wakes up in bed, but it's not with who you'd expect. Instead, it's with Tara, his estranged baby mother. Tara has moved closer and is back to sleeping with Peter. She admits she's been drawn back into his clutches. Peter, who is at Tara's house unbeknownst to Amina, leaves and goes back downstairs to his apartment to join Amina and his other family. The rapper admits his faults as a husband and father and says he is intent on making amends and getting his life on track. Yet, when Peter explains his whereabouts to Amina and tells her he was at the studio, it's obvious he's not yet ready to stop his cheating ways.

Yandy hits the studio to check on her new artist, Bianca, formerly known as Young B, the artist behind the mid-2000's hit "Chicken Noodle Soup." She questions Bianca's wok ethic and why she was off the scene for nine years. Bianca reveals her brother passed away around the time "Chicken Noodle Soup" dropped and the loss left her without a support system. Yandy gives her an opportunity to rap in DJ Self's cypher as an audition to show and prove whether she'll be a good client to take on.

As for Rah Ali, she announces that Remy's return to rap has influenced her own foray back into the management game. She meets with Harlem rap duo Bad Bitches on Deck, comprised of Miss Moe Money and SexxyLexxy. BBOD are unsatisfied with Rah Ali's assistance as a manager thus far, but light up at the opportunity to perform at a showcase. Unfortunately, one of them fought Young B at a club five years ago and they haven't put the beef to the side just yet.

Remy Ma says she's not a prisoner anymore and doesn't want to be controlled and Papoose promises to ease up on his demands to get on the grind and keep her happiness in mind. Remy makes a deal with Papoose and says if he gives her a proper wedding this year, she'll go through with having a baby next year. Pap and Remy go to see a house that he has secured for their wedding day and surprises her further by getting on one knee and giving her the proper proposal she deserves.

Bianca, Mariah Lynn and BBOD are at Gwinnett Fest to showcase their musical talents. BBOD take direct shots at Young B and clowns her for her one-hit status while Mariah impresses. Rich Dollaz is in attendance and remembers Mariah from her humble beginnings and takes note of her growth.

Bianca has an impressive showing and gets Yandy's glowing approval. Moe confronts Bianca and they begin to argue and Moe attempts to spit on her, but misses and is escorted out. Both Yandy and Rah Ali are taken aback by the scene and unsure about involving themselves in the negative energy.

And while the main event that is Cardi B failed to make an appearance in this episode, much to the dismay of viewers sounding off on social media, all signs point to her making her official Love & Hip Hop debut next Monday. Stay tuned.

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