In the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York, Papoose is still upset after hearing the news of Remy Ma's miscarriage and has decided to vent. Due to his mother's worries, they show up at the studio to check up on him and see how he's holding up. Although Papoose says that he's been working so hard to keep his mind off of the tragedy, his family feels that he should take a break from music and seek therapy to better cope with his feelings.

Peter Gunz is in a good mood following Tara's birthday party and catches up with his Creep Squad members for a friendly game of pool. Gunz also makes the announcement of Cisco's reinstatement into the crew DJ Self is initially resistant to the news, but ultimately agrees to sit down with Cisco and squash their differences.

Yandy, Juju, Kimbella and J. Adrienne arrive in Mexico and appear to be enjoying the scenery and their girls-only getaway. But trouble begins to brew when Yandy brings Bianca along in an attempt to get her out of the city, much to the chagrin of Kimbella, who is also upset with Yandy regarding her refusal to disclose information about Juelz Santana's itinerary and business dealings. Kimbella decides to disclose her conversations with Juju and Juelz about Yandy's involvement in her career, an issue that Yandy was afraid was unsettled, and appears to be rearing its head yet again. The exchange becomes heated, with both walking away irate with the other.

The plan is for Bianca to get some writing done while in Mexico, but she also has fun on her mind and has invited Cardi B to the trip. But in a twist of events, Cardi invites Mariahlynn along, putting the two enemies in close proximity for the first time since their previous showdown. However, Bianca and Mariahlynn hash out their differences after the latter vows that she'll no longer be friends with Sky. After squashing their beef, they begin to enjoy their getaway.

Papoose has been considering the words of his mother and daughter and has decided to open up to Remy Ma about his feelings in the aftermath of her miscarriage. His wife remains distraught over not being able to keep her promise to Papoose, but her husband insists that she doesn't blame herself for what happened and reiterates that he will always be there for her, regardless if they have children or not.

Bianca has decided to go out to the club with Cardi B and Mariahlynn, but Yandy is unhappy with Bianca's actions and the fact that she's in the club instead of working hard on her craft. When Yandy approaches Bianca about her partying, Cardi and Mariah feel that she's being a little too hard on Bianca and that she should be more understanding. Yandy ultimately chooses to concede and allow Bianca to enjoy her night out, but says that work will be a top priority moving forward.

Yandy is looking to start anew after the drama and has decided to organize a brunch so all the ladies can get to know each other. But Kimbella is still upset with Yandy over her actions as of late and decides to unload about her feelings. After hearing her out, Yandy apologizes and says that she views Kimbella as a friend and doesn't want her to hold a grudge against her.

Mariahlynn also airs her grievances about the perceived shade that Yandy was throwing her way at the club last night, but Cardi B successfully diffuses the situation by playing devil's advocate.

DJ Self has decided to get back at Cisco by spray-painting his car, which enrages Cisco to the point he has to be restrained by Peter Gunz and Rich Dollaz. However, once it's discovered that the paint is easily removable and leaves no mark or damage to the car and that the prank was to even the score between DJ Self and Cisco, tempers simmer. Cisco then proceeds to apologize to the Creep Squad, who all accept, putting the entirety of the crew back on good terms.

With Juju previewing her book, which is about to be published, she has given all of the women on vacation excerpts so she can get their feedback on the book. Yandy has taken issue with being blindsided with material about her own life that she didn't know was going to be in the book. But Juju claims that the story wasn't about Yandy in particular and that it was a situation she drew from past experiences with her, but Yandy remains skeptical about Juju's explanation, which angers Juju even more.

The two friends begin to argue and become at odds with each other, ending their night on a sour note and spelling future beef between the two that will surely be addressed in an upcoming episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York.

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