This week's edition of Love & Hip Hop: New York picks up where last week's episode left off, with Yandy being interrogated by Samantha as part of their longstanding beef. When Samantha continues to press Yandy about her marital status with Mendeecess, Yandy lies. She tells Samantha that her and Mendeecees are married, a fib Yandy excuses away by saying that she feels she has no obligation to have to explain herself to Samantha. With the elephant in the room addressed, the two attempt to air out their differences and keep common ground.

When Yandy suggests that her and Samantha help plan a birthday party for Lil Mendeecees, Samantha initially balks, but after a little more prodding from Yandy, she accepts. Judy, who is also present during the discussion, says that she's happy that Samantha and Yandy are able to put aside their differences for the sake of bringing the children together.

Peter Gunz is on his way to witness the birth of his newborn daughter, Bronx. Although he and Amina, who has moved away from New York City to Los Angeles, are no longer together, Peter remains emotionally invested and views an addition to his family as a new lease on life.

Remy Ma may be a bit flustered with Papoose's insisting they having a baby, but she has decided to show her affection with a special present that she says he will never forget. The gift turns out to be her announcement that she is in fact pregnant with his child. Papoose is visibly elated at hearing the news and proceeds to celebrate joyfully.

It's been months since Kimbella and Yandy have hooked up, and Kimbella decides to take the initiative and set up a meeting with her old friend. Kimbella, who has been feeling neglected by Juelz Santana as of late, confides in Yandy about her insecurities. But when Kimbella attempts to get information out of Yandy about Juelz's whereabouts, things become tense between the two, as Yandy says that she will not mix business with friendship. Unfortunately, Kimbella seems to be implying that she wants Yandy to do just that.

Peter Gunz celebrates the arrival of his newborn baby with his Creep Squad brethren. But amid the laughs, Peter announces his intentions to attempt to make things right with Tara and his family while also being there for Amina and their newborn. The scenario sounds eerily similar to past episodes of Love & Hip Hop: New York, but Peter says that he is a changed man. He also shares that he's throwing a birthday bash for Tara and all of the Creep Squad members will be present, including Cisco. This leads the rest of the Creep Squad members to become uneasy.

Cardi B, who has been in a relationship with her incarcerated boyfriend Tommy, has received a letter from him stating that he has decided to break up with her due to their lives taking different turns. Although Cardi says she saw the writing on the wall and the deterioration of their relationship, the blow still is a tough one to take and leaves her with a lack of closure.

When Peter Gunz visits Tara and their newborn son, Gunner, he attempts to put his charm on and court Tara, who seems to be averse to getting back together with him. Having begun to pick up the pieces of her life and build a life without Peter, Tara becomes irate at Peter's suggestion that the two try to become a couple again. She doesn't have reason to believe him anymore.

After receiving the news of Tommy's decision, Cardi B is a bit heartbroken, but continues on her grind and her quest for success. But she begins to unload after seeing Swift, who she hasn't crossed paths with since apologizing to him for assaulting him and his girlfriend. When she finishes telling Swift about the turmoil in her life, he admits that he cares for Cardi B and that he hopes that the two can remain amicable friends, a suggestion which Cardi responds to by inviting Swift to a upcoming Sunday dinner her family is throwing, resulting in a positive step for the two toward rebuilding their bond.

In the aftermath of her run-in with Kimbella, Yandy catches up with Juju to spill the tea about her fight with Samantha and the confrontation with Erika about her devious ways and slander. However, she also mentions her conversation with Kimbella and the sour taste it left in her mouth, which Juju says is understandable given the conflict of interest. Juju also has big news to share, which is her plans for the girls to go on a beach trip to Mexico, which gets Yandy especially excited. But when Juju says she intends to invite Kimbella along, Yandy voices her concerns. Juju says she will address everything whenever she gets around to speaking with Kimbella again.

The night of Peter Gunz's birthday bash for Tara has arrived, and he has managed to gather all of their family and friends, leaving the lady of honor speechless and highly impressed at Peter going to such lengths to make her happy. Peter Gunz gives a public apology to Tara and her friends and family, which gets him back in graces with Tara, who says his display of emotion and remorse has persuaded her into considering letting Peter back into her life. His intentions appear pure, but only time will tell if his words prove true.

Juelz Santana meets with Yandy to square away his issues with her being involved in his relationship with Kimbella. The interaction is immediately tense, as Yandy mentions her conversation with Kimbella concerning his career, leading Juelz to become irate. The topic then turns to Juelz's frustration with the lack of buzz his career's been getting.

Swift and Cardi B enjoy a night out with her family, and the festivities are as lively and fun-filled as one would expect. Swift and Cardi's chemistry is evident, which Cardi's sister Hennessy also takes note of, leading her to attempt to play matchmaker by encouraging the two to make a move. Although Cardi maintains that she prefers to keep her business and personal life separated, Swift is considering putting in his bid and getting at Cardi on the rebound.

The joy that filled the air when Remy Ma announced her pregnancy has quickly turned to despair and anguish when it is revealed that a medical complication has terminated her pregnancy and she's suffered a miscarriage. Now she may be unable to have another baby naturally. While Remy, who has been admitted to the hospital, appears distraught, Papoose manages to remain strong and promises that the two will get through this trying time as a family and that he will always have her back.

The news ends this episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York on a somber note, with no telling as to where the couple will go from here.

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