That last episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood saw Hazel-E pop up to the reunion to settle her score with Masika. While Hazel seems ready to lay all of her cards on the table, Masika refuses to talk with her enemy onstage due to their bad blood.

But when asked of their opinions, the other cast members say that Hazel shouldn't have mentioned Masika's child. Hazel's comments about the source of Masika and Fetty Wap's relationship causes her to exit the stage out of anger.

When asked about her feelings for Safaree, Rosa Acosta says that he's too corny and that he should act like himself. Until he can pay for Nikki's dinner and be the breadwinner, Rosa feels he shouldn't be pursuing anyone, a critique which Nikki agrees with. Safaree also gets accused of wanting to be like Ray J and mimic the other castmates on the show. When asked why he would take advice from Ray J, Safaree says that it was an experiment and that he did it out of desperation due to being so enamored of Nikki Baby.

Things between Nikki and Fizz get weird since she says that Safaree was more endowed than him in the bedroom. Fizz responds by saying that Nikki's only claim to fame is sleeping with other men. He's unbothered by her frequent jabs at his sexual prowess and lack of success as a solo artist.

Willie, who was in a love triangle with his wife and a woman named Kyesha from Chicago, has maintained his innocence throughout this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, but is set to face the music tonight. Kyesha, who has come to tell her side, is sticking to the script that she was pregnant with his child. Willie was in a relationship with Kyesha, according to her and she used to support him during his hard times.

An unexpected witness emerges in the form of blogger Jason Lee, who says he saw the text messages proving Willie was not as complicit as Kyesha is claiming. However, Shanda says that it was more about the principal of him cheating and coming clean that upset her. She also says that she has to take a step back from their marriage and reassess things in her life, but they'll work together as a family for the sake of their children.

Brandi's beef with Masika also gets brought to the forefront and the two begin to bicker with each other about the studio session that started it all. Brandi took offense to Max working with Masika due to the latter's strained relationship with Princess, who Brandi is close friends with. When asked whether Brandi has any say over who he works with, he sides with his woman and says that although he calls the shots, he would never do anything to make her uncomfortable.

But when Max's attack on Moniece and Masika gets brought to light, he defends himself by saying he was coming to his wife's aid and felt personally offended. Max also gets accused of having a child outside of his relationship, which he adamantly denies and attributes it to the ladies attempting to slander his name to save face.

When it comes to A-1 and Lyrica, they never had any intentions of kicking his mother out. Lyrica G. says that she felt A-1's mother, Pam, was too entitled while living under her daughter's roof, but Pam just wanted Lyrica G. to be more courteous. Lyrica comes clean and reveals that she did get breast implants, after Pam insinuated she had plastic surgery. Pam feels Lyrica was always beautiful, even without the surgery. In regards to eloping, A-1 did what he needed to do, regardless of how Lyrica G. felt about their union.

Lyrica feels her mom needs to take a step back, but Lyrica G. maintains that her diligence is what has made her daughter into the woman that she is today. A secret gets revealed when Lyrica G. says that A-1 had liposuction done before coming onto the show, an assertion he admits to himself and spins into a joke. He contends that he only did it to accompany Lyrica while she had her own surgery, but when all is said and done, it's clear that they have moved closer to being one big happy family.

Teairra Mari plans to fight her legal case to the finish and acknowledges that she may be irresponsible. However, she claims there's no drinking problem that requires professional help. When cast members share feelings about Teairra's drinking, Ray J says he never saw it get out of hand. Nikki admits that she saw in Teairra what she saw in her deceased brother, which is an addiction to alcohol. Teairra's cast mates also offer words of support in her battle of alcoholism. Moniece says that she's seen Teairra grow as a person in her quest for sobriety.

Fizz makes amends with Max, regarding Moniece's sex tape. The two men are able to let bygones be bygones in the name of unity. When asked if they'll ever be able to move on and build a relationship with one another, Brandi and Moniece's disdain for each other remains iron-clad, capping off the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion on a tense note.

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